The Edge of Never {Model, Couple}

So this lovely shoot was inspired by a book I read last year.  It is very fun and spunky and super…romantic:)The concept behind this shoot was to have a “country road” set-up and to have a very tall/ buff guy with tattoo’s on his arms and chest.  He is supposed to be a laid back and “live your life to the fullest” kind of a guy.  The girl in this book is a beautiful blonde with a long loose braid and is learning how to stop living life from what is expected of her… to relax and take chances.  In the book, they meet and go on a cross country road trip (without even knowing each other for more than a few days) and they fall in love (I won’t post spoilers… but it is more of a PG-13-soft R type of a book).  I just loved the idea of a new romance, a road trip, and living life to the fullest.  I really enjoyed this shoot:)I loved the models and how fun they were!  Of course I need to applaud my lovely make-up artist Jade Baird from {Kissable Complexions}   for her lovely work on Teale’s airbrush make-up and gorgeous loose braid with a lace tie.  I love her attention to detail and her work is truly flawless and stunning.

Be prepared for a lot of huggy/grabby/kissy action:)This isn’t my typical type of a shoot, so it was really fun to free-style and branch out and test my shots.