My neighbor just found out that she is having a boy (after having 2 girls), so I came up with this fun little idea for an annoucement and I though it turned out so cute!

In light of recent events, I have to make a few changes in my photography business.  From now on, contracts WILL be signed.  Invoices will be sent out with a non-refundable deposit to retain your date for your shoot (cancellations/re-scheduling will need to be made within 48 hours of the shoot).  I am still willing to work on payment plans and multiple payments until the balance is paid in full (and the balance needs to be paid in full as we finish shooting the session).  Shoots also cannot be scheduled last minute without an extra fee (finding a babysitter, cancelling other plans, as well as re-arranging schedules).  I am happy to talk to my clients at any time and I will do what I can to respond within 48 hours of inquiry. Please feel free to email or contact me if you have any questions! Thank you for your time!

So this lovely shoot was inspired by a book I read last year.  It is very fun and spunky and super…romantic:)The concept behind this shoot was to have a “country road” set-up and to have a very tall/ buff guy with tattoo’s on his arms and chest.  He is supposed to be a laid back and “live your life to the fullest” kind of a guy.  The girl in this book is a beautiful blonde with a long loose braid and is learning how to stop living life from what is expected of her… to relax and take chances.  In the book, they meet and go on a cross country road trip (without even knowing each other for more than a few days) and they fall in love (I won’t post spoilers… but it is more of a PG-13-soft R type of a book).  I just loved the idea of a new romance, a road trip, and living life to the fullest.  I really enjoyed this shoot:)I loved the models and how fun they were!  Of course I need to applaud my lovely make-up artist Jade Baird from {Kissable Complexions}   for her lovely work on Teale’s airbrush make-up and gorgeous loose braid with a lace tie.  I love her attention to detail and her work is truly flawless and stunning.

Be prepared for a lot of huggy/grabby/kissy action:)This isn’t my typical type of a shoot, so it was really fun to free-style and branch out and test my shots.

This beautiful couple has been so much fun to work with! We’ve shot at awesome locations, had wonderful wardrobe changes, and they are just very fun to be around.  Jade Baird of {Kissable Complexions} did Jacquelyn’s airbrush make-up and artistry.  I love working with sweet Jade, she is so talented and it makes my images look great in camera (before I even pull them into photoshop).  I am so excited for this wedding in August! I really have lucked out in the “awesome client” department:)Here are their lovely engagements and a sneak peek of gorgeous groomals at the end (expect a big post in the near future!)…

And their GORGEOUS “Groomal” Preview!

This is the lovely {Jenna Johnson} <—facebook link  (go and LIKE Jenna on facebook!)

She is a super talented dancer who just made the Top 20 on “So You Think You Can Dance!”  Jenna and I met last year at a photo shoot and I just LOVED taking her picture!  She is such a sweet person and is so easy to work with.  She danced for {Center Stage Performing Arts Studio} and I recently did their company pictures and head shots.  Center Stage is an amazing dance studio, they always have super talented dancers that have come out of their company, and their directors and instructors are so friendly and fabulous.

I contacted Jenna 3 weeks ago (since I knew she was in Utah for a short time) and we put together a fast and fun Great Gatsby inspired photo shoot! We were both so excited to work together again.  The night before our shoot, I was texting her to make sure all of our bases were covered and that we had the proper wardrobe options for the shoot… and mid-text I saw her dance audition in Tennessee!  Being the sweet/professional that she is, she continued to respond to my text (even though I am sure she was excited to watch herself on TV and she was probably answering 50 other texts from friends!).  Even my husband turned to me and said “THAT is who you are shooting tomorrow? She is phenomenal!”

Jade Baird of {Kissable Complexions} <—-blog  {Kissable Complexions Facebook} <—– (go and “like” her on facebook!)  and I designed this shoot because we wanted to match Jenna’s classic beauty with her sparkling personality.  Jade added tons of gold glitter and combined it with smokey eyes (with a hint of gold) and plum lips to create this classic look.  Jade came along on the shoot and was my assistant and helped with touch-ups! She is so wonderful to work with!  We had so much fun playing with the beautiful lighting and posing at this gorgeous hillside location.  We laughed and joked and honestly had the best time!

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Second- Make sure you tune in to  SYTYCD each week and vote for the lovely and super talented Jenna Johnson!

Third- Enjoy these beautiful images below!