This shoot was a photographer’s dream! I show up and a) my client is beautiful b) she has an AMAZING sense of style and c) she is so fun and photogenic!  When we first got to our location, it was extremely high winds and rain! So we scrapped our location and found a local parking garage and it really made her red dress pop! Then the rain stopped and we had fun up the hill with a gentle breeze and flowing chiffon dress.  This business school beauty is from South America and she was such a pleasure to work with! Her hair and airbrush makeup and floral crown were all done by the talented {Kissable Complexions}  Please enjoy this beautiful portrait session! Jade and I are available for portrait and makeover packages and stylized shoots! Please contact us for more details.

I cannot say enough nice things about this adorable couple! They are so fun and cute! I think we did the perfect job capturing their personalities at this fun engagement shoot! The colors and texture and atmosphere was AMAZING! The location of the shoot was sentimental because they had one of their first dates and their first kiss at this exact fair 2 years before… on the ferris wheel!  What a special way to document their love and go back to where it all started! I love their passion and adoration <3 Airbrush makeup by the ever so talented {Kissable Complexions} Please enjoy this fun little engagement shoot!

Funny story- so JT is a really really good friend of my brother in law’s… he even went to Hawaii with us The Perry Family in March and he talked about his beautiful girlfriend and how excited he was to propose to her.  I chimed in and told him that I shoot a lot of weddings and he said he would keep that in mind.  Fast forward until the end of summer and I get a call from a sweet bride-to-be who found my work from working with Kissable Complexion’s (who happens to be her friend too).  We talk and get to know each other and she chooses me to photograph their wedding.  While texting one night, we come to find out that I know her fiance because he is a friend of the family and went to Hawaii with us…we just never put 2 and 2 together.  I thought that was funny that Maddie and I made decisions and found each other on our own, without the help or recommendation from her fiance:)Needless to say, I am THRILLED to work this wedding tomorrow! I have such a fun time with these 2 and they are great together!  I wish them an eternity of happiness <3 Please enjoy our engagement session at the horse stables! Hair and makeup by {Kissable Complexions}

This gorgeous lady is my partner in crime when it comes to 75% of my sessions.  She had a birthday this past month and we celebrated and collaborated in front of the camera to bring you this beautiful session.  Jade and I are working on stylized packages so that you can have an awesome session with a makeover as well! Look for that in the near future!