*Kissable Complexions* {Featured Stylist and Make-Up Artist}

I have had the honor of working with a make-up artist in a few of my recent shoots.  I was such a fan of her work, I asked her to do my make-over for my 80′s Rock’nRoll birthday party in March.  She was such a joy to work with! I had her do airbrush make-up and my face looked amazing all day and night (and we even roller skated for over 2 hours!).  I was so thrilled with her work and how pretty I felt, I’ve decided to do a little “bragging” post about her talents.  Let me start off by saying Jade is beautiful both inside and out! But seriously…she is BEAUTIFUL……. SEE!

Her studio is located in her house in Alpine, Utah.  It is very professional and decorated for a spa experience! She goes out of her way to pamper clients and make them feel like a million bucks.  She offers a variety of services, not just make-up artistry.  You leave feeling gorgeous and knowing that you’ve made a new  friend.  I am excited to refer my clients and brides so that she can help them look and feel beautiful for their session.  A lot of people know how to apply make-up, or they like a minimal amount….she can work any style that you wish.   I never understood the need for a make-up artist until I started shooting with one.  Jade knows how to highlight and shadow certain spots on your face to accentuate your features and it adds a lovely contrast to your pictures.  Go visit  {Kissable Complexions}   or {www.kissablecomplexions.blogspot.com}  contact Jade Baird and see if you could work out an affordable budget for make-up and photography.  Go and “like” her facebook page and you can follow blog posts and get make-up tips as well as see amazing “before” and “after” transitions {Kissable Complexions Facebook Page}. Your pictures are going to be your art, so you should make the most of it!  I am excited to do a blog post of our recent shoot, and I look forward to using Kissable Complexions in some up-coming stylized shoots!

{Photo Credit- Perrywinkle Photography, model- Teale Murdock, Make-Up Artistry- Kissable Complexions}

And here are a few teaser pics of Jade that I took the day of this stylized shoot!  Not only did I have a beautiful subject with our model, but I was also excited to get my camera on Jade for some pics!