Aloha! Maternity

We LITERALLY just walked in the door from our week long Hawaii trip with my inlaws:)I have enjoyed coming home to my kiddos and our Easter celebrations, but I was really excited to upload my pics from the trip.  One of my sister in laws is pregnant and is in the “super cute!” phase of her pregnancy (but she is really beautiful anyways).  We are so excited to meet our new little nephew sometime this summer.  My sister-in-law let me take some maternity pics of her because…well…how often can you get maternity pics in Hawaii:)I didn’t really have to twist her arm, we had a lot of fun shooting these! Since I need to spend a lot of snuggle time with my kiddos (and I am exhausted from the 4 hour time difference and not sleeping on the red eye flight home), I am going to post just a few teasers!  So Aloha and Happy Easter everyone! It is good to be home!